Our Matching Grant Donors

As part of the training in our Leadership Development Program, we teach teens how to identify prospective donors in their networks, create a solicitation pitch based on the lessons and experiences they’ve had with CCC, and participate in a teen-led fundraiser. They learn about the power of a matching grant and how to weave it into their pitches to reach their fundraising goals.

Our matching grant program is a successful learning tool and motivator for our teens as they work to become community leaders, and we are grateful to the generous donors who have chosen to be part of this important and impactful program.

Thanks to our 2022 Matching Grant Donors, the first $35,000 raised by our teens during their Fall Fundraiser includes a dollar-for-dollar match! 

2022 Matching Grant Donors

Henry & Etta Raye Hirsch Heritage Foundation
Michelle & Charlie Kauss
Staci & Jason Levine
Helen Marie Stern Fund
The Luci and Stan Sunshine Family Foundation
Lisa & Evan Toporek