LDP Alumni Program

LDP Lasts a Lifetime

Creating Connected Communities’ (CCC) LDP Alumni Program was created to reconnect former CCC/LDP participants with each other and the organization. We aim to engage our alumni network by sharing CCC updates and offering adult volunteer opportunities and alumni events.
Many former LDP participants take on leadership positions in college organizations and volunteer on their college campuses and beyond. We have alumni who are officers in their fraternities and sororities, involved in their local Hillels, and some are even pursuing nonprofit management as a career. We are so proud of their accomplishments, and love to keep in touch with these young adult leaders.


What LDP Alumni say about CCC
  • “CCC taught me how to be a confident leader, advocate for myself and my community, and how to give back. Being able to go to college in a different state and having an urge to contribute to the community is not something every freshman feels, and I was looked up to for choosing to devote my time to the community in need.”

    Jessica Meyer
    LDP Alum
  • “CCC has given me the skills to become more involved on-campus. I have more confidence to seek leadership opportunities, and I am in a leadership role and my sorority and was recently offered an executive board position at my school’s Hillel!”

    Lauren Milstein
    LDP Alum
  • “CCC gave me a sense of direction in what volunteering I find most meaningful and beneficial to my own interests. It taught me the value in giving my time and efforts to my direct community. I also built leadership skills that I can apply to many aspects of my life.”

    Jereme Weiner
    LDP Alum
  • “I was very shy and quiet when entering LDP in 8th grade; I never thought of myself as a leader and wished I had the confidence and skills to stand in front of a group. By the end of high school, I completely transformed as an individual and a leader. LDP allowed me to learn, then teach my peers about homelessness, philanthropy, and fundraising while coordinating events throughout the year. I am so grateful for my time with Creating Connected Communities, as it has allowed me to implement what I learned in college and beyond.”

    Maddie Grosoff
    LDP Alum
  • “My experience volunteering and interning for Creating Connected Communities in high school has certainly impacted my interest in potentially pursuing a career in nonprofit management. It also highlighted to me the many issues facing our community–including homelessness and food insecurity. This experience empowered me to seek out volunteer opportunities [in college] that allow me to make a difference in the community.”

    Aaron Gordon
    LDP Alum

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Interested in staying involved with CCC beyond high school graduation? Email Amy Zeide so we can let you know about adult volunteer opportunities and any upcoming alumni events. 

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