As Creating Connected Communities (CCC) has grown, we have worked to collect data on the impact of our Jewish Teen Leadership Development Program (LDP) as our teens matriculate through the curriculum. This data informs our understanding of the areas that need improvement as well as provides a showcase of the skills our teens learn, experiences they remember, and the long-term affect the program has on developing our next generation of Jewish community leaders.

LDP is designed as a 4-track program where students can begin in January of their 8th grade year and continue through December of their 12th grade year. Each year of our spiral, experiential curriculum provides more depth and breadth of the content areas and objectives as well as increased leadership responsibility.

In January, each track takes a pre-survey to assess a baseline of skills and experiences (Track 1) as well as to assess how our teens rate those same skills and abilities, sense of Jewish identity and impact of their experiences with CCC each successive year. Currently, there are 190 teens in the program across three locations in Atlanta. The numbers and response rates are as follows (Tracks 3 & 4 are in the same cohort with the intention to create a 4th cohort in 2022):

Track 1 – 100 teens (71 responded to the survey)
Track 2 – 60 teens (49 responded to the survey)
Tracks 3 & 4 – 30 teens (17 responded to survey)

2020 Leadership Development Program Survey Overview

The below represents a sample of the types of questions asked on our pre-survey as well as the testimonials we’ve collected from our teens.


“LDP and CCC have broadened my understanding of my surrounding community and the impact of my individual contribution on the families we serve. Philanthropy has grown and developed into a large part of my identity through CCC’s programming.”



“I’ve broken out of my shell and can easily explain to people why I’m passionate about something. CCC has taken my public speaking ability through the roof.”



“I’m proud to be part of an organization that teaches teens how to build community – an invaluable skill that will stick with me for a lifetime.”



“Despite our differences we all make up one community. CCC has opened my eyes to how much need there is in Atlanta and how our work can have a lasting impact on so many people.”



“I love being a part of CCC because it not only allows me to give back to my community, but it also provides opportunities for me to make connections with volunteers and Jewish friends from all over Atlanta.”

“We are all Jewish teens working together, taking the values of Tikkun Olam and applying them to our larger community as we learn how to be future leaders.”