One December night, twelve-year-old Amy Sacks Zeide was watching TV and as she was flipping through channels, she paused on a local news broadcast. Someone had stolen all the presents from an Atlanta homeless shelter just before their annual Holiday Party and their children were left with nothing for Christmas.  Amy was devastated.

How could anyone steal from someone who has so little? With time, her initial sense of despair gave way to activism as Amy’s Holiday Party (AHP) was born. Amy was determined to make sure that during the holiday season, disadvantaged children in Atlanta would have a chance to celebrate and to be celebrated.IMG_1244

That next year, in 1995, Amy donated her time and the money she received from her bat mitzvah (a Jewish coming-of-age ceremony) to throw a holiday party for the children at one local Atlanta shelter.

What began with 25 children, help from close family and friends, and a budget of a few hundred dollars, Amy’s Holiday Party has blossomed into an annual community event for over 800 children and their families from homeless shelters, foster care systems, and refugee centers.

Over 300 Atlanta teens come together to volunteer at the event.

Amy’s Holiday Party (AHP) is now hosted by the non-profit Creating Connected Communities and serves as the capstone project for CCC’s Leadership Training Program.

AHP brings joy to underprivileged children and engages teen volunteers in providing an opportunity for everyone to celebrate and be celebrated.

teens and kids

The Adair Group is thrilled to donate bulk t-shirts to Creating Connected Communities.  As a wholesale t-shirt business, we get calls all the time to donate to various charities.  We can’t give to everyone, but Amy’s Holiday Party was an easy choice.  The fact that her team has selflessly given to this worthwhile cause for 20+ years is truly amazing.  We hope our t-shirts can make the holiday program a little bit more festive.  To top it off, we are making a commitment to provide t-shirts to Amy’s Holiday Party for the next three years.  Thanks to everyone at your organization for all that you do! 
– Jordan Adair, Co-Owner, The Adair Group